The Role

The Role

An Outsourced Part Time Finance Director works with the Business Owner / Directors to provide strategic and operational support to guide the decision making process using business planning, financial management, management accounting and commercial skills.

Our Part Time FD Service will provide support and advice to the the business, giving the same benefits, without the committment and cost of engaging a full time equivelent.

We believe that an FD should be technically competent in all aspects of finance, but more importantly must understand the realities of the business world. A detailed knowledge of the business is a critical requirement as well as a close working relationship with all of the managers and stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The problem faced by many SME’s is that a full time position cannot always be justified in terms of cost and the size of the role.

The solution is a Part Time engagement on a retained or a flexible basis. This might be as little as one, two, three or four days per month or could be a couple of days each week depending on the size of the business and the extent of the role. The arrangement can be varied to cover any special projects that arise from time to time.

Part of the role of an FD is to contribute towards the preparation and management of the strategic plan for a business. The plan is used to communicate with everyone in the organization the goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all other critical elements that are developed by the planning process. Firman Financial Solutions is able to provide this role as part of an Effective Financial Management engagement.

There are no national insurance costs, payroll taxes, pension contributions or holiday pay and because there is no employment contract, if the chemistry is not right, the engagement can be terminated simply and without any fuss.

We are confident that the benefits flowing from our services will create a long-term relationship that will see a business grow and have future success.